continuing last week’s conversation… borrowed images..
however.. would this be my image if..

I set the camera up…
I plugged the remote in..
I attached it to the button in the photo booth that I made…

however.. I did not push the said button..


2 thoughts

  1. As long as it remains inside your camera, IT belongs to you. I can set the timer on my camera and the camera will take my picture. It is still my picture. I could set Bob’s camera to do the same. The photo is in Bob’s camera, thereby the photo belongs to Bob, as the camera that contains the photo, belongs to Bob. So, you set up the camera for others to take their own picture “using” YOUR camera. In my mind it is still your picture (of them) NOT THEIR PICTURE to POCESS until you decide you want them to have it and by what means. The question is, which will occur first? Them purchasing the photo, or you giving them the photo? This is a very creative question you have posed.

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