1st day in our new home….

This site is home to swelljuice, my weekly visual postcard of sorts.. I have decided to ‘blogjack’ it in the blog category to document my new adventure apart from my wife, children, brother and close friends that I miss dearly…. Moving for a new position within Johnston and Murphy is a first for me. I accepted the position with careful planning with my wife Kelly. We have a few snags in our plan to move here together. She has to stay behind in Arizona for a couple of months so we will be communicating via phone, text, chat, vid chat and a few planned visits in Arizona and here in Las Vegas.

So today…. I awoke in excruciating pain (and earlier than I wanted, after a two day planned load then unload the 26 foot moving van. There are muscles I over used that I never knew existed. After driving in yesterday, I started the unload process… it’s interesting being here with everyones’ belongings (from my boy’s stuff animals and such to my wife’s crafting supplies). These items will be placed where I think they best fit and go unused. I will be unpacking for awhile, I am sure and it will feel more strange as the days go on.

I realize we need curtains in our bedroom as our main window faces East.. too much light comes in for my liking (after all, I have been in hotels here in Las Vegas for the past two months and am used to the lack of light they provide). The stairs will be a nice work out for me as well. I am really looking forward to using the gas range for my kitchen (for anyone that knows Kelly and I, well, I do the cooking)… I am actually glad she wont be here for a bit, as I want to put on a good show for her in the kitchen, but I am sure there will be a few days of getting used to with my new stove. She has video of our first apartment were I met the new oven for the first time and we nearly had to call the fire department because of all the smoke.. it was quite funny…

More to come, perhaps daily…. this wont be emailed like swelljuice, you’ll just have to come back every now and then to check it out..

Hope you all are well.


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  1. So happy to hear you made it safe to your new home,I am sure you are so missing that beautiful wife and chidren.Soon I am sure you will all be together. I am on vacation this week which will end much to soon on Saturday. Just wanted you to know you have your Aunt Betsy here wishing you well and love.

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